How To Thrive in Business

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What is up Fit Pros? Andy here from checking in with you for another Fit Pro Business podcast. Thank you so much for tuning in. If you’re new to this show, I’m your in the trenches fitness business coach and mentor bringing you all the latest in regards to lead generation, marketing, sales, and business systems that are working for me and other industry leaders that are helping us grow our business and have a greater impact on our community.


You have to punch fear in the face. And what do I mean by that? This is something one of my mentors says all the time. You have to punch it in the face. Don’t let fear hold you back from taking the steps forward, from taking on new challenges. Just get out there and start doing it. The more you do it, the better you’re going to get at it. The more comfortable you’re going to get, the better you’re going to get it. Getting your message out, the better you’re going to get at being on camera, the better you’re going to get audio, whatever it is that you’re afraid of, start doing it. You’re going to get better at it. This is going to make your business better. And ultimately, what we fear is what is actually going to propel us forward and help our businesses out.


Start before you’re ready. So many times we get caught up in doing all of our research, studying books, learning from mentors, but we don’t actually take any actions. Just get started. Start moving forward, start taking on new challenges, start trying to implement something new within your business. This is going to keep you taking positive steps forward towards what it is that you set for your business goals. Start before you’re ready. You’re never ready. You have to start learning and adapting and growing before you’re ready. It’s just like you’re never ready to have children. When my wife and I had our first daughter, we were totally not prepared to have children, but it happened. It’s going to happen anyway. You’re never ready to have children and you learn as you go.


Keep pushing the envelope. What I mean by that is keep trying new things in your business, keep stepping out of your comfort zones, keep bringing in new information and trying to implement it into your business through mentors and through coaches.


Your business has to be cause driven. It can’t just be about money. You can’t just be about how much money you’re going to make because that’s so shallow. Focus on a cause. What is it that you want your business to stand for? How is it that you want to impact your community? How is it that you want to impact your family. Be a cause driven business. Don’t just focus on the money, because if you just focus on the money, it’s going to take away from what the big picture is for you and your business and for your family and the impact you can have on your community.


Set deadlines and goals. When you’re working for yourself, you don’t have somebody hovering over you, making sure that you get a task done. You have to set deadlines. This is going to make you set priorities within your business. You also have to set goals so that you’re continually shooting for targets and trying to reach those.

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